The Water Test

I'm glad I checked for leaks. I couldn't imagine that a problem would occur, but it did. I had some pinhole leaks in one of the corners where the glass was too dry. I added fiberglass, and then coated the inside of the tank with epoxy.

In this picture you can see the center baffle which adds strength and reduces sloshing. You can also see that the baffle doesn't block the lowest bart of the tank. It's hard to see here, but when the lid is on, there's also space at the top of the tank to allow for air flow.



The Finished Tank

The two parts of the tank were fiber glassed together and the tank was painted. I installed the fittings, including two vent fittings. I'm only using one vent now. In this picture you can also see the access port, and the wires for the level sensor.

Installing the Tank

This picture is pretty self explanatory. You can see the vent line which runs up to the bow, and the two waste lines. I was worried about the vent line getting clogged because of the drop in elevation, but so far that hasn't been a problem. I kept the fitting away from the end of the tank, and the shape of the top probably helps to deflect slosh away from the vent tubes.

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